Our focus at Fill Me Up Radio is to empower, uplift, encourage, and to bring a different reflective approach to radio. Our sound is renowned, innovative, and will help release change to create something different in your everyday life.

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Working Together

Have you ever wanted a career in radio, but wasn't sure how to get started?  Do you love music?  Do you want to be a voice for a cause?  Do you have something to say?  Let your voice be heard or music played the way you want it!

Although our first love is music for the Lord, we are also a one stop shop for those looking to get their careers started as an artist or promote any positivity into the world.  Our fully serviced team is equipped and ready to assist you building, marketing and remarkable business planning to help you represent your brand.  With our loyal listeners and authentic network we are capable of helping you take your brand to the next level.

FMU Network

Our Vision

FMUR provides new artists, entrepreneurs and anyone who has a dream or idea with endless creativity possibilities.  We love the God's word and He tells us that "Greater is he that is in us them he that is in the world" (1 John 4:4).  Our vision is to bring out the the greatness in your music, your business or your dream by bringing out the greater part of Him that is in you.

As we work towards becoming the world's number one online gospel radio station, our focus is always to remain family friendly and appealing to a broad range of people.  No matter if you are of the Christian faith or just need a little inspiration to get you moving in the right direction in life, FMUR provides the most upbeat and motivational music to get keep your spirits lifted.  

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